Quartz: China has seen a 13-fold increase in labor strikes and protests since 2011—and it’s cracking down

by Zheping Huang First published on Quartz on Dec 23, 2015 With its dizzying array of manufacturing facilities, China’s southern Guangdong province is nicknamed “the world’s factory.” But key to earning that title has been a seemingly endless supply of workers willing to work for very little, and in recent years labor strikes demanding better… Read More »

The Global and Mail: Activist group challenges China’s state media with defamation suit

by NATHAN VANDERKLIPPE in Foshan Published on Global and Mail on Jan 25, 2016 China’s state media has played a central role in a nationwide crackdown on dissidents, broadcasting televised confessions and printing lengthy exposé-style accounts to accuse detained lawyers and activists of unsavoury and criminal behaviour. Now a small labour-rights organization in southern China is fighting… Read More »